May 2, 2010

Slow and sleepy Sunday

Sometimes I really like rainy days, where nothing much happens and you feel sort of sluggish and slow. After a really draining week it's been nice to sit inside and watch the weather changing from the sky light, and do some things around the house. Well, sort of things around the house! I washed my favourite blouse and hung it up to dry first thing, but the rest of the day was spent doing possibly less useful activities. These things included:

  • Epilating my legs then wondering what ever possessed me to attempt it
  • Writing lists in my favourite notebook with an accompaniment of two particular trinkets to distract me
  • Completing two whole crosswords and four sudoku puzzles all by myself
  • Watching Stealing Beauty for the second time and falling in love with it all over again
  • Dreaming up floaty, floral dresses a la Liv Tyler and Rachel Weisz in said film
  • Lots of lazy bed dwelling and napping with Leonard Cohen in the background
I had planned another outfit post for today but the rain got in the way - oh dear, I thought April Showers were meant to be in April, not May! Plus we have a guest staying in my room so I've been banished to the spare one, which happens to be stacked high with lots of things that we probably don't need - it's like an obstacle course of climbing and dodging things to get to the little bed which is hardly ever used!

Hope you're all having an equally lovely weekend whatever you're doing!


  1. how lovely that all sounds. those pictures are truly beautiful. your weekend sounds veryvery relaxing, and we have been hit by the april showers too, but hopefully they'll clear up now it's may!! love love xxx

  2. Maz - Thank you lovey! And yes, it seems like everyone has been hit by April/May showers this weekend! Love xxx

  3. and i'm obsessed with stealing beauty! i am constantly inspired by that film. glad to have discovered your blog- it's very lovely!

  4. Krista - Yes! It's a wonderful film - it was one of your blog posts that made me think I must watch it again, hehe. Oh, and thank you, I'm glad to have discovered yours too! :) x

  5. Oh dear, I wish I had a weekend as lovely as yours but I didn't. I just stayed at home because I was supossed to study. Guess what? I didn't. I've been two days lying in my bed thinking "I should study, but I don't want to"
    By the way, this pictures are lovely. Specially the first one.
    Isabel (that's my real name, lazzenia is only a nick :))

  6. Lovely pictures...and what a beautiful film that is, I enjoyed it so much. Dreamy. Glad you've had such a good weekend... bank holiday tomorrow, too!

  7. I am so darn sleepy. I wish I could be laying in bed at home listening to the rain.


  8. Anonymous11:18 PM

    Beautiful..i am a big fan of Stealing Beauty too, so summery and sweet.

    Have a lovely bank holiday.


  9. I love the photos. Dreamy and beautiful.

  10. your blog is like a beautiful dream! i love it!