May 3, 2010

On hair, Cracks and the 1930s.

Oh dear, I'm pretty sure that posting stills from Cracks in monochrome goes against some sort of moral code - as anyone who has seen the film will know, the colours are incredibly gorgeous - but I rather selfishly wanted them to fit with my own photographs, so never mind! For anyone that hasn't seen the film, well, you should. It's set in the 1930s and has one of the most inspiring, incredible costume/wardrobe designs ever, as well as gorgeous cinematography and the clipped, boarding school accents and...perhaps I should do a separate post on the film itself since I could go on forever!

The 1930s is one of my favourite decades in terms of fashion, but also in terms of hairstyles - it seems to be a really lovely intermediary between the sleek bobs of the '20s and the longer styles of the '40s. But while I've always admired the cuts from afar, my own hair has been shoulder length or longer since I was a little girl.

About a month ago I watched Cracks for the first time and seeing Eva Green striding around with her gorgeous wavy, slightly outgrown bob; as well as seeing the same style, slightly less maintained, on most of the girls on her characters diving team made me swoon. I loved Di, Poppy and Fuzzy's hair the most, so a few days later and very impulsively, I got all of my long hair cut off into a longish bob a la Miss G. I really like it, but it seems to have grown out pretty fast and while still quite a bit shorter than shoulder length, I keep thinking maybe I'll cut it shorter, and shorter, and shorter.
P.S. I don't really have an answer as to why I'm eating a little brass Buddha in the second picture, I think maybe I'd missed breakfast or lunch.


  1. ooo i think you should go for the longer bob, i think your hair is perfect for the soft, slightly frizzed curls in your inspiration pictures!

  2. Anonymous5:06 AM

    Oh my goodness, you have a dream boat blog on here dearest!

    I am exactly the same with my hair, to cut or not to cut...i think in this case you should grow it a little longer and perhaps some rag curls if you can manage them! And i do love the pictures, the second is darling, you're terribly beautiful.


  3. that movie was so awesome!

    ps. i love yr freckles <3

  4. oh and looking at yr blog made me want to listen to "becky" by the all girl summer fun band immediately!

  5. this film is simply magnificent. i think your blog is beautiful, as are you.

  6. I think that your photographs are beautiful xx